Kenzo Kash Hart

Kenzo Kash Hart Bio: All About Comedian Kevin Hart’s Son

In November of 2017, the world was introduced to Kenzo Hart, the son of Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko Parrish. The couple had become married in August of 2016 and already shared three children together, one daughter and two half-siblings.

Kenzo Kash Hart’s Net Worth

Kash Hart, although still a young man, has been very fortunate to be financially supported by both of his parents. His father Kevin Hart’s net worth is an astounding $450 million while his mother Eniko Parrish boasts a total wealth estimated at $50 million—resulting in a combined fortune that allows them to provide their son with comfortable security and care.

Kenzo Kash Hart Background

When Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish welcomed their first child, Kenzo Kash Hart, into the world on November 21, 2017, they changed the lives of everyone who knew them.
The couple had been together for over a decade before welcoming their son into the world. They were engaged in December 2016 and married in September 2017.
Since then, we’ve been able to watch the beautiful little bundle of joy grow up through Instagram pictures shared by the proud parents. We are so excited to see this kid grow up!

Kenzo Kash Hart Social Media

Kenzo Kash Hart, who is the son of the late Kenzo Kash, has amassed a following of 70,000 on Instagram. His mother manages all aspects of his career. This comes as no surprise; after all, he resembles his dad in many ways – joy radiates from him! We are looking forward to witnessing this youngster grow and reach remarkable heights just like his father did before him.

Kenzo Kash Hart Professional Life

Kenzo Kash Hart is the beloved son of comedian Kevin Hart, who has achieved success in the stand-up comedy scene and has also been featured on Judd Apatow’s TV series Undeclared.
Kevin has achieved success in the stand-up comedy scene, winning multiple competitions. He then gained even more recognition when he was featured on Judd Apatow’s TV series Undeclared. Kevin went on to star in several box-office hits such as Jumanji, Ride Along, and Central Intelligence among others. His mother Eniko Parrish (also known as Eniko Hart) is a model and clearly an amazing parent.
Kenzo is still a child and does not have any professional responsibilities or commitments yet; however, this will definitely change in due course as part of his journey to becoming a famous figure like his father

About Kenzo Kash Hart’s Parents

Although Kenzo Kash Hart is still very young, his personal life has been quite eventful. His father Kevin has been married twice: firstly to Torrei Hart in 2003 and then to Eniko Parrish in 2016.
Kevin and Torrei met at a Philadelphia Community College; they married soon after and had two children: Kenzo and Kaori. In 2011, Kevin had an affair with Eniko, who became pregnant with their son Kenzo. This led to Kevin and Torrei divorcing due to irreconcilable differences, with both parties agreeing that they would share custody of their two children.
Four years later, however, Kevin remarried Eniko in Santa Barbara, California—the same place where they first met each other again—and now has two more children: Kenzo and Kaori. The entire family lives peacefully together in Calabasas, California, which they can call home after all these events!


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